The Traditions And Culture of Dating In Ukraine

Tanya Dernov - April 30, 2015

Dating customs in Ukraine are mostly turning modern, but there are quite a few of the older traditions that are still considered the thing to do. For example it is customary for the man to bring flowers when coming to the home to have a date with a girl. Flowers do play an important role in dating in Ukraine, as it is customary on the first date for the man to bring a single rose. If you are meeting the family of the girl, be sure and bring flowers for the mother of the girl.

In Ukraine, they do not believe in the casualness of dress prevalent in the west. So the men should always dress their best. If you pay attention, the people on the street will notice your clothes first, and then look at your face, so they do place a high importance on how you dress.

When you as the man enter the home of your date, always take off your shoes. Ukrainian people never wear their shoes in their homes, rather they wear slippers. They also have extra slippers for guests.


When you are having dinner at a bar or restaurant, the man should always do the pouring and make certain that the glass of the lady is always full. If the man fails to do the pouring, she will conclude that he has no manners and is rude.

Holding hands is not usually the custom in Ukraine when walking together, rather the man offers the lady his arm. When you cross the street, the man should always offer the lady his arm at the crossing.

Women of the Ukraine do have an interest in Western men, as many Ukrainian men are avid drinkers. So if you are out to dinner or to a show, be sure that you show restraint and moderation in your drinking.

If you are invited to the home of your date, be sure to bring a gift, such as a bottle of wine or perhaps a cake. If you are from another country, it can be a gift that represents your home country, which will be greatly appreciated by your hosts.

If you are invited to dinner, be sure to graciously accept all of the food and drinks that are offered. The Ukrainian people are known for the exceptional way they treat their guests, and to not accept their food and drink would be considered to be very rude.

Toasts during a meal are considered very normal, with the host beginning the ceremony, toasting the guests. The guests then reciprocate by toasting the host and other notable people present.

When visiting in Ukraine it would serve anyone very well to brush up on some of the procedures that are used by well behaved guests. It is a very polite society where protocol is well organized and observed. It would be considered very highly if someone from the outside would take the trouble to honer them with the knowledge of their local customs.