The Secret To Dating Ukraine Women

Tanya Dernov - April 30, 2015

You are not alone with the desire to find a beautiful Ukrainian bride that will complete your life with happiness and love. The good news is that dating Ukrainian ladies has been made simple by the internet, and many solid marriages today started through dating services, catering to UA women and those interested in them. The bad news is you have a lot of competition and it isn’t always as easy as you may think, to convince the girl of your dreams that you are the man of her dreams.

13Dating Ukraine women is not very different from dating girls in your own country, but they have a different culture and a different set of expectations from men they meet online. They may not be as interested in a picture of your car as you think; at least not until the relationship escalates and the prospect of marriage is starting to come up in conversations.

While she may very well want to see pictures of your home and the town in which you want her to live in, once the relationship has grown serious, it is not necessarily what she wants to know about, when you first come in contact with one another.

There are a few things that Ukrainian women look for when they first establish a connection to a man, and understanding them will guide your approach in communicating while dating them.


It is important to be honest right from the beginning, whether it be in regard to your appearance, hobbies, or reasons for dating Ukraine women online. A Ukrainian woman does not have time to deal with deceptions, or lies, aimed at dragging her into a relationship she may not want to be in. If there are things you think may be deal breakers, then you need to be completely honest right from the beginning.

Honesty does not mean pointing out all of your flaws, either. You want to post a current picture that presents your appearance in the best light possible. When browsing profiles leads to further conversations with a lady, you want to present your life how it actually is. Talking about your hobbies and what you do in your free time is great, as long as you really do those things in your life right now. Saying you hike on a weekly basis, when you have not done that since you were in college ten years ago, is deceptive and will be found out eventually.


While being honest with all areas of your life, it is also important to be subtle and classy, when it comes to revealing factors of your lifestyle, that pertain to money. Online dating is not about sending pictures of your flashy car or mansion. What a Ukrainian girl wants to see, is you sitting in your living room or climbing behind the wheel. She isn’t so much concerned with your material goods, as she is with how you live. She is interested in joining your life, so make sure you are pictured in the photos, before sending them to her.


There should be no aspect of your life or personality that is off limits. This is especially true, once a relationship grows to the point of considering meeting in person, or even marriage. You should be an open book when it comes to whatever questions she may have. If you expect her to give up her life in her own country and leave her family to make a new life with you, then you have to make her feel comfortable by honestly answering all of her concerns about the life she will be moving into, and the man she will be living it with.

Dating Ukrainian women can be a fulfilling experience that leads to the perfect loving wife, but getting those results depends largely on how well you communicate with the women you come in contact with.