Long Distance Relationships Can Work If You Try
Date : April 30, 2015

There are a lot of people who tend to think that long distance relationships will never be able to work out. As a matter of fact, if you are involved in a long distance romance, your family or your friends may try to discourage you, coworkers may tell you not to take the relationship to seriously and more. Is it worth it to get involved in such a situation if you have the chance of getting your heart broken?

The truth of the matter is that no relationship that is worth being involved in will be easy. Things are always going to get complicated, one or both parties can end up hurt and there could be some sad and lonely times. However, the added distance that you have in a long distance romance can actually work to make some of the simple things in life a lot sweeter. For example, just holding the other person’s hand, getting to be near them as you walk together or the way that the other person smells can be a whole lot more to cherish if you have limited face time together.

One of the best things that you can do for your relationship when you live apart is to make a good plan with each other. You can draw up a timeline where you will mark down any of the time that is estimated that you will be apart as well as the times where you will be together. You need to have a goal at the end and make sure that both of you are on the same page. Even if you are not living in close proximity to one another, you are still working towards the same goals and the same destination in the end.

Both parties who are involved in a long distance relationship will have to be very clear about expectations. It is a great idea to talk about how each other feels and to set up some solid ground rules that make it easier to understand what is expected. For example, are the two of you going to remain exclusive while you are away from one another? Or, will it be okay for one or both of you to date other people until you are able to move closer? It is always going to be better to remain as open as possible with these situations.

Many couples will work on different ways that they can stay connected even if there are miles between them. Setting up times to watch the same movies at the same time and then talking about it once it is over can make it seem like a date, even with the distance. Set aside time to video chat, keep the art of letter writing alive, send each other thoughtful gifts and simply let the other person know that you are thinking about them. Lots of couples can make long distance relationships work. It is all a matter of putting the effort into it.